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Information Technology Specialist Program

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Computers and information technology are a vital part of the modern world – and so are the people who design, build and maintain them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT jobs are projected to grow 12% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the national average.

At Career College of Northern Nevada, you can get the training you need to start an IT job with confidence. Graduates of 十大赌博官方手机网站’s Information Technology Specialist program can learn the skills to start an IT job, including:

  • Computer and network hardware assembly, repair and upgrades
  • Installation and maintenance of complex networks, including fiber optics, Wi-Fi, enterprise class routers, gateways and switches
  • Mobile device integration, including Apple, Android, Google and other cloud-based platforms
  • Front- and back-end IT support, including server administration, remote systems administration and resource management

Hands-on training. Real-world skills.

There’s never been a better time to jump into the digital world and at Career College of Northern Nevada (十大赌博官方手机网站), you’ll receive the in-depth, hands-on training you need to build the successful career you’ve been dreaming of. BLS states that the median annual wage for computer & information technology occupations was $86,430 in 2018 – which was much higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $38,640.  IT is at the heart of every industry: healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, banking, retail, construction, and more. Within our IT program, you’ll take 18 months of Information Technology Specialist coursework, including:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Cloud Computing and Google Cloud
  • Programming Apps – Apple & Android
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (Cyber Security)
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Website Development and Management
  • Software Solutions

Education to help you succeed.

This IT Specialist program will also help prepare you for valuable industry-related certifications, including A+, CISCO, VMware and EMC2. As a PearsonVue Certified Testing Center, you can earn these certifications right on campus and enter the IT workforce with proof of your skillset and dedication.

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