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About Title IX

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, 或在接受联邦财政援助的任何教育计划或活动中受到歧视. 十大赌博官方手机网站 has designated two individuals to act as Title IX Coordinators, the Academic Dean and the Evening Education Supervisor. Disagreements will be submitted to the College President when necessary. 如果任何学生希望提出与性别歧视有关的投诉或关切,他们可以书面或口头向上述任何一人提出关切. 与第九条保护的歧视有关的培训将由协调员指定的雇员提供.

Coordinators will bring any complaint, written, verbal or otherwise, to the College President for resolution. Complaints will be investigated and resolved through training and/or discipline, up to and potentially including termination when warranted. The person filing the claim will be notified of the outcome. 如果提出关切的人认为该决议不适当,他们有权对协调员的决定提出上诉. Appeals will be adjudicated by the College President.

Retaliation against a person filing a complaint will not be tolerated by the college. 任何提出投诉的人,如果觉得自己因提出索赔而受到报复,应立即向学院院长报告.

任何认为学校没有妥善处理第九条(基于性别的歧视)问题的人都可以联系美国教育部民权办公室(OCR) OCR@ed ov or 800-421-3481, TDD 800-877-8339.


Career College of Northern Nevada is committed to providing equal access to training for all students. Following is the Equal Educational Opportunity policy outlined in the college’s catalog.

Equal Educational Opportunity

Career College of Northern Nevada is in compliance with Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IV (Desegregation of Public Education); Education Amendments Act of 1972 and Title IX (Discrimination on the Basis of Sex); the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Discrimination in Lending); and the Age Discrimination Act. It is the policy of the College not to discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, color, national origin, religion, or handicap with regard to its students, employees or applicants for admission or employment.

学院致力于确保所有大学课程和服务的平等机会,并遵守州和联邦残疾人非歧视要求. The college pursues the goal of equal access to students, staff and faculty with documented disabilities.

学生可以自愿向招生办公室注册,披露任何残疾和/或成功所需的住宿,并提供残疾证明文件, after which reasonable accommodations will be determined and implemented by the college. 残疾和住宿的文件将保存在学生的档案中,并根据本目录后面概述的FERPA政策保密.


As a student with a disability, what rights do I have?

As a student at 十大赌博官方手机网站 you have a right to access any service offered by the college just like any other student. In some instances, 学院可能需要协调合理的住宿或学术调整,以确保这是可能的. 这些住宿需要尽早讨论,以确保你作为一名大学生有最好的成功机会. 学术院长是学院指定的ADA官员,他会把你需要的东西带到讨论中,以确保你的需求得到满足.

Do I have to inform the school of my disability?

No. You also have a right to privacy. You may choose not to disclose your disability to the college. However, 如果十大赌博官方手机网站意识到这些需求,学院只有在合理的安排是必要的时候才能确保平等的机会. Furthermore, if you do choose to disclose your disability to the college, 十大赌博官方手机网站将尽一切可能保护你的隐私,只与那些需要这些信息的人分享信息,为你提供最好的教育机会. Your information will be protected by FERPA (see catalog for FERPA policy).

学院为残疾人提供了标准的设施,如电梯、残疾人停车位和厕所设施. The facility has been designed to be ADA compliant to accommodate individuals who use wheelchairs for mobility. Disclosure of your disability would not be necessary for equal access in those situations.

Do I have to prove I have a disability?

在大多数情况下,学院可能会要求专业人员提供适当的文件,以证明您需要住宿或必要的调整,以确保您作为学生的成功. 学院更感兴趣的是专业人士对确保你成功的必要条件的看法,而不是你残疾的细节. 有时候,这份文件可能会复制你上一所高中的计划,如果那个计划对你来说是成功的. 重要的是要记住,大学水平的严格性可能需要与高中水平的计划不同的计划. 十大赌博官方手机网站将依靠从专业人士那里获得的信息,为您制定一个计划,以满足严格的大学生活.

Will I have to pay for the accommodations or adjustments needed by me?

The college is required to provide reasonable accommodations or adjustments at no cost to you. However, 如果一件设备是必要的,以适应你在学校,并确定同一件设备将有利于你在完成学业后的工作场所, 十大赌博官方手机网站可能会建议你与职业康复机构讨论购买这种设备,以确保你在大学毕业后进入职场. You do not have to follow our advice.

What if the Accommodations or Academic Adjustment is not working?

Discuss this with the Academic Dean as soon as you realize it is not working in your best interest. We will work with you to find a better solution. But we have to know as early as possible. Don’t wait for a failed test to determine the plan is not working.

What kind of adjustments can I expect?

十大赌博官方手机网站 will not lower the standards for students with disabilities. 你必须学习材料,并且能够像任何从培训项目毕业的学生一样执行过程或程序. 十大赌博官方手机网站培训你的技能是雇主告诉十大赌博官方手机网站在你选择的领域工作所必需的技能.

十大赌博官方手机网站能做的就是调整教学的方式,或者十大赌博官方手机网站用来衡量你在该技能方面的能力的方法. Testing procedures can be modified to be sure you have the ability to show us you learned the material. Devices needed to perform the skill may be acquired. The goal will always be to help you learn the material.

What do I do if I feel the accommodation is not acceptable? What if I feel I am being discriminated against?

You have a right to appeal any decision made by the college. Start by discussing the concern with the College President. 社长可能会提供额外的培训给那些参与交付你的计划的人,或者他可能会要求一个新的评估来确定一个更好的计划.


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